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When is an Employment Attorney Beneficial for Employers?

There are times when an employer faces an issue with an employee. In these cases, it could be smart to see an employment attorney. Let’s say a former employee brings on a lawsuit, it could result in a big financial loss to your business. This is where an employment attorney will know exactly what to do.

Firing an employee

If you are thinking of firing an employee for misconduct, bad behavior or poor performance, always speak with an employment attorney first. This way you can make sure that your actions for terminating the employee is legal. Keep in mind that issues could arise if:

– A written or oral contract has limits of firing

– The firing will change the demographics in the workplace

– The employee you are looking to fire is disabled, pregnant or follows a religion that is protected under the law

– Fear the employee you are looking to fire could be violent or cause vandalism

– The employee you are looking to fire has high-level information on the business or competitive secrets


The misclassification of an employee can also cause issues where you may need to consult with an employment attorney. A contractor or employee could try to get years of unpaid overtime and other penalties. To try and avoid your business facing a large loss, always speak with and seek advice from a trusted employment attorney.

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