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When Do I Need a Construction Attorney?

Contract disputes can happen at any time, especially during the construction process. With most contracts, construction contract terms can bring up disagreements and lead to many issues, like a delay in the project. When this happens, it is best to contact a construction attorney to help.

What is a construction attorney?

A construction attorney is an attorney that specializes in construction law and provides clients with legal advice. An experienced construction attorney can effectively help you work through any issues you come across during the construction process including contract disputes, applying for permits, and purchasing land for future construction projects.

Who needs a construction attorney?

Anyone in the construction industry will need a construction attorney at some point in their career. The most common clients include contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, architects, engineers, developers, banks, and business owners.

When is a construction attorney needed?

A construction attorney can be helpful at any point in the construction process. This includes preparing and negotiating legal documents, making requests from contractors, drafting or negotiating contracts between the owner and general contractors, and assisting with insurance and bonding agreements.

When you are starting a new construction project, a construction attorney will help you during the initial process to ensure you adhere to all local and federal regulations. Creating, reading, and reviewing construction contracts can be confusing because they are full of legal jargon. This is where the expertise of a construction attorney will be the most beneficial.

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