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What you Should Know About Pay Equity Laws

Closing the gender pay gap has become more of a focus over recent years. Yet, some still feel that stronger laws need to be put in place, especially at the local level. What exactly are the federal and state laws concerning equal pay? What areas need to be reviewed and improved on?

As an employer, you are responsible for identifying and correcting any gender discrimination that is present in the workplace. Under pay equity laws, women are legally required to get paid the same amount as men when they have comparable job responsibilities.

Federal Level

At the federal level, the movement started in the early 1960s with the Equal Pay Act of 1963. This requires that men and women receive the same amount of pay for the same work in the same establishment.

State Level

Most states are looking for stronger laws regarding equal pay. Under consideration is changing the wording in current laws. Arizona is still creating stronger pay equity laws, but some states have already made changes including California, New York, Maryland, and Massachusetts. According to, these states have revised current laws with broad definitions. For example, in California, they have changed the definition to paying men and women the same amount for “substantially similar work, when viewed as a composite of skill, effort, and responsibility”.

Remember, as an employer, you can never discriminate based on gender. MC Attorneys can help provide you with advice or legal representation to protect your business from employment lawsuits.

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