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What are the Wage and Hour Laws in Arizona?

Employees are protected under federal and state laws when it comes to requirements revolving around wages paid and hours worked. In Arizona, the state labor laws require payment of minimum wage to employees and are in charge of regulating the number of hours worked.

Payday requirements

Under Arizona labor laws, employers are responsible for paying employees every two weeks on a regularly scheduled payday, meaning there cannot be more than 16 days between paychecks. As long as the employee agrees, they can receive payment through a check, cash or direct deposit.

Minimum wage

Just recently, Arizona upped the minimum wage to $10.50 per hour. Tipped employees receive a minimum of $7.00 per hour. Due to the increase in the cost of living, the minimum wage will continue to increase each January. Who is considered a tipped employee? A tipped employee is someone who receives tips at their job like a waiter, busboy, hairdresser, valet driver or bartender.

Overtime Laws

Arizona actually has no state law regarding working overtime hours. That means employees in Arizona are then protected under the federal labor laws. If an employee works over 40 hours in one week, then they should be paid time and a half. This means they will be paid each hour over 40 hours at their hourly rate in addition to half of their hourly rate. These hours can be offset and broken up into two weeks as long as they are under one pay period.

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