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The Time Frame to Dispute a Construction Contract

Are you thinking about starting a construction project? Then make sure you have a construction contact. A construction contract is a mutual and legally binding agreement, usually between the contractors and owners. The contract is a detailed document that lists all policies and conditions like the time frame of the projects, costs and more. However, even if the contract is well-drafted, a dispute could occur.


There are several different types of construction contracts. While they’re all very different, every construction contract should include specific job details, payment details, time tables and other important terms of the project.

Construction contract disputes can occur over many issues like delays in the project, problems with payment or even lack of communication during the project. Also, when the project is finished and it’s not up to par, a dispute could ensue. Almost any issues or disagreement over the terms listed in the contract can spark a dispute.

Resolving Disputes

Each state has their own law when it comes to resolving disputes over construction contracts and projects. The type of claim and dispute are factors that will play into determining the amount of time you have to file a construction dispute claim. Each state has its own statute of limitations, meaning there are only a certain number of years that are allowed to pass to file a lawsuit.


In the state of Arizona, you have 6 years to dispute a contract. This usually starts when the issue arises or once the project is finished.

If you have been caught in a construction contract dispute, the knowledgeable team at MC Attorneys can help. Our skilled and experienced construction law attorneys can assist you during any construction contract disputes, offering the advice and legal representation you need.

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