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The Importance of Understanding Construction Contracts

Construction contracts can be confusing, especially if they are not drafted correctly. All contracts must be thoroughly reviewed before signing them. Never wait to read the fine details after signing or only once an issue pops up. To create a draft or review a construction contract, meet with an experienced construction law attorney.

What is a construction contract?

A construction contract is a mutual and legally binding agreement between two parties. The contract is in the form of a document and includes policies and conditions regarding the construction project. This is usually an agreement between the owner and contractors.

Importance of contracts

Contracts can be full of legal jargon that not everyone may understand, but all contracts and the details included are extremely important. If not drafted correctly, the contract can be even more confusing. Always read through the contract fully and with the guidance of a skilled construction law attorney. They will help you understand the jargon, terms, and offer any advice needed. When reading the contract, make sure you note all of the obligations listed. Know how to fully comply to prevent any unwanted surprises during or at the end of the project. A construction contract will give you the protection you need during the construction project and will help prevent any issues that can cost extra money and time. Specific deadlines should always be included in the contract and stated clearly. Make sure to keep note of these deadlines and ensure they are met.

If you come across a contract that you do not fully understand, always ask for clarification. The skilled construction law attorneys at MC Attorneys will help you review the contract so that you have a full understanding.

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