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What you Should Know About Pay Equity Laws

Closing the gender pay gap has become more of a focus over recent years. Yet, some still feel that stronger laws need to be put in place, especially at the local level. What exactly are the federal and state laws concerning equal pay? What areas need to be reviewed and improved on? As an employer,… Read more

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I Work in a Hostile Work Environment, Should I File a Claim?

Not all work environments are the same. There are many workplaces that are considered to be hostile. This can not only cause you to have a miserable time at your job, but it could also be unlawful. What is a hostile work environment? A hostile work environment is defined as a difficult or uncomfortable work… Read more

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Religious Discrimination Vs. Political Discrimination in the Workplace

In the workplace, it is against the law to be faced with any religious discrimination, but what about political discrimination? Especially recently, with all of the political division in the country, what happens when political discrimination takes place at work? Furthermore, what should you do if you end up facing religious discrimination in the workplace?… Read more

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Is Arizona a Right to Work State?

Each state happens to have their own employment laws, including laws regarding unions and organized labor. However, many people do not fully understand these laws, especially in the state of Arizona. So, is Arizona a right to work state and what does that mean? Also, what are the other employment laws in the state of… Read more

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