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The Difference Between Contract Workers & Employees

As an employer, you have the option to hire help either as an actual employee of the company or as a contract worker. Keep in mind that there are important legal differences between the two that all employers should be aware of. Employee An employee will be covered by all employment laws and are usually… Read more

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Religious Discrimination Vs. Political Discrimination in the Workplace

In the workplace, it is against the law to be faced with any religious discrimination, but what about political discrimination? Especially recently, with all of the political division in the country, what happens when political discrimination takes place at work? Furthermore, what should you do if you end up facing religious discrimination in the workplace?… Read more

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Everything Small Business Owners Should Know In 2018

Last year brought about many changes, some big and some small. As we get into the new year, being aware of what these changes mean for your small business is essential. Brush up on everything your small business should know going into the new year. Minimum Wage Increase On January 1st, 18 states had minimum… Read more

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Planning Your Small Business Succession

Small businesses are the backbone of America with over 28 million small business owners in the country. Unfortunately, many small businesses without a good succession plan fail in the attempt to transfer ownership. If you’re a small business owner hoping to transfer ownership to someone else, you need to have a solid plan for succession…. Read more

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