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Arizona Registrar of Contractors Sees Big Changes in January

The new year is bringing some new changes to Arizona thanks to the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. After revising and updating their new license applications on December 21st, big barriers that aren’t required by a statute were successfully removed. Certain Requirements Were Removed The Arizona Registrar of Contractors found that the submission of projects was… Read more

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Five Types of Construction Contract Bonds

Contractors don’t have the best reputations. Most people think that having to work with a contractor means, time delays, over budget spending and ongoing conflict. But believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be that way. When a commercial building is under construction, building owners issue contract bonds to the contractor that keeps them on… Read more

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Issues That Should Be Covered In Every Construction Contract

When negotiating a construction contract, whether you’re a contractor, developer or owner, there are a few issues that you should always discuss in order to avoid problems. Covering these common construction issues in the contract will better protect everyone at stake and help mitigate any problems that may occur during a construction project. Below are the… Read more

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$27M Construction Lawsuit Filed Against Subcontractor

Hunt Construction filed a lawsuit against a subcontractor company, Cobb Mechanical Contractors, for delay-related charges. The company is working on what will be the largest hotel in Austin, Texas and is expected to be done in August. The subcontractor’s delays could have caused a huge problem for the project that needs to stay on track…. Read more

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