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Steps to Report Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can happen anywhere and at anytime, including in the workplace. If you feel like you have been a victim of sexual harassment, follow these steps on how to report it. Also, remember to always speak with an attorney.

What is the definition of sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is defined as harassment in a workplace, professional setting or social setting involving the making of unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks.

Steps to take

It is important to not feel powerless or stay quiet. Speak up about the incident to the right person. Your employer should have some procedure in place that names the designated person to report to. If your employer doesn’t list a name, go to your immediate supervisor. There is a chance you might need to take the issue to court if it is unable to be resolved. This is when a “right to sue” letter could be issued. The letter could benefit you by getting your job reinstated if you lost it, receive damages for emotional distress and more.

What to remember

Of course, you will always want to speak with an attorney right away. It helps to keep all of your records, including dates, times, locations and details documented. Try to report about the incident right away as some states have time limits. The sooner you are able to report, the better. Also, remember to remain confidential during the investigation. You never want to say anything that could interfere with your case. It is always a good idea to have legal representation present when being examined.

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