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Steps to Amending Current Construction Contracts

Changes can pop up at any time during a construction project. 

You should always have a detailed and complete legally binding contract in place, this is a must during all construction projects. So, when a change does occur, an amendment to the contract needs to be made. 

Understanding Changes to a Contract Under Arizona Construction Law

Making an amendment or modification to a contract is oftentimes considered a change order under Arizona construction law

Any time there is a change to an original agreement in the contract, a change order needs to be in place so the contract is up to date and accurate. There are three main reasons to do so. 

Adding Work to a Phoenix Construction Project

Whenever you add work to a project, it must be noted and approved. This could occur when adding a window or adding new material to the current construction plan. 

The additive change order should always include any additional costs and the additional work needed. Everything should include full details. 

For example, address if extra time will be needed and why. Also, address if the addition will make the work easier or save money in the end. 

Deleting Work from a Phoenix Construction Project

Just like with adding work, when deleting work, there also needs to be a work order known as a deductive change order. 

Deleted work could be due to a lack of space, such as deleting a step or a wall from the construction plan. Or maybe there isn’t enough budget for that large of a window. Always address deletions in full detail. Include what the changes will be from deleting work, such as the impact on time and cost. 

Phoenix Construction Project Work Changes

Other changes in a construction project are called work order changes. For example, a contract always includes in detail the specific procedures to be carried out, all of the parties involved, the timeline, when to expect a completion date, and an agreed estimate. Whenever one of these changes, for whatever reason, the contract must be amended. 

 Most importantly, all parties need to agree to these changes. 

Work with Attorneys Who Know Phoenix Construction LawWe recommend always working closely with an attorney who is experienced in the field of Phoenix construction law. From drafting contracts to making amendments to contracts and offering guidance during a contract dispute, Murphy Cordier PLC is there to help you through your construction project.