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The Role Cell Phones Can Play in Domestic Violence Cases

Many challenges can arise when it comes to legal cases, especially family law involving domestic violence. Things can get messy quickly because cases like these can come with significant consequences along with many safety issues and all depending on the circumstances. Evidence on a cell phone can end up playing a large role in these cases. 

Always Be Prepared if You are in Fear

If you fear that you are in danger of becoming a domestic violence victim, it is crucial to be prepared and try to capture the incident on your cellphone. You can do this by using your camera, voice recorder or even saving threatening text messages or emails. These types of things can be used as evidence for your protection.

Evidence from Your Cell Phone Can Work Both Ways

If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, then you can also use evidence on your cell phone to prove otherwise. Recordings, text messages and emails all can be used to help prove your innocence. When being accused of domestic violence, it can damage your reputation and the evidence saved on your cell phone can help put those accusations to rest.

It is Important to Preserve All Evidence

Since this evidence can be used to your advantage, make sure to preserve all of the information on your cell phone like text messages, emails, voicemails and even cell phone records. Give the evidence to your attorney right away and always keep a backup of your records and evidence.

Screenshots of Text Messages and Emails Will Be Helpful

Sometimes it can be difficult to the content of text messages and email in as evidence. Usually when cell phone records are admitted, it only includes records of messages sent and received, not the actually content of the messages. Taking screenshots of these messages can sometimes be approved to be used in court as evidence. Also, mentioning these messages during questioning can help your case.