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Reasons to Work with Only Local Subcontractors

Most construction projects require contractors to work with subcontractors. It seems like there are a million and one options to choose from. However, it is always best to keep it at the local level for many reasons.

Benefits to Working with Local Subcontractors

There really are just benefits and not any drawbacks to only working with local subcontractors. Unless your project is in a small city, where you don’t have any options, the benefits of working with someone local are endless.

Better Communication

Working with local subcontractors will improve communication on the project. You can communicate via email, phone, text, even video chat these days. However, it does make it more challenging when they are not local.

Why? Well, non-local subcontractors are usually in a different time zone, meaning you are going to be operating at different times of the day. The weather is also different in different areas of the country. Meaning a storm could cause delays or outages where your subcontractor is, making things more difficult.

Increase Efficiency

The main benefit of working with local subcontractors is efficiency. You two will most likely be on the same schedule, for the most part, making it easy to meet in person and aware of current events that could be reasons for delays.

Local subcontractors can pop in on the job at any time, without having to arrange additional travel.

Save on Costs

Did you know that you can really save when using subcontractors in your area? Using subcontractors for your construction project is already cost-efficient, but one nearby is even more beneficial.

Local subcontractors will have connections, making it easier to find affordable supplies and additional help if needed. Plus, you can feel good knowing that the money is staying in the community–your way of supporting local business.  

Local Subcontractors are Aware of Construction Law in Arizona 

Adhering to all local and state construction laws is extremely important.

Each state has its own set of construction laws, for example, Arizona has its own construction laws.

Local subcontractors are aware of all the laws in the city and state, so you can feel comfortable in knowing that everything is being done right. Plus, you will know that local subcontractors will be licensed and insured in your area.

Working with a Law Firm Who Specializes in Arizona Construction Law

If you are starting a construction project, meet with our trusted team at Murphy Cordier PLC. We specialize in construction law and can help you with contracts, lawsuits, and ensuring that your construction project hits no legal roadblocks.