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Protecting Your Construction Project Against Mother Nature

Mother nature can appear out of nowhere. In Arizona, we are lucky enough not to really worry about it. Yes, we see occasional dust and thunderstorms, but usually, we only see just a tad bit of rain and strong winds to delay projects.

However, recently a tornado touched down in Arizona. This was a nice reminder that anything can happen and that your construction project must be protected from unwanted storms or even fires.

Be Prepared

The key to protecting your construction site from the unknown is to always be prepared.

Since each construction site is different, you must take the time to accurately evaluate any potential risks in the area. Next, establish an emergency response system that will contact employees to secure job sites when needed with trained personnel. Then, an evacuation plan needs to be made.

Make sure all employees are aware of the plan and have a process in place to notify employees when severe weather hits. After the storm, create a post-storm evaluation plan. When identifying any damage, put everything in writing and take any photos and videos of the damage.

Protection From Fires

Not only do you have to worry about storms, but fires can also be very damaging to your construction project.

It is reported that every 5 years, over $170 million in property damage claims are filed. This is because fires spread fast and rapidly, causing extreme damage and dangerous conditions. Plus, most construction sites have no sprinklers installed yet to put fires out quickly.

Fires can start from flammable materials on the job site, temperature heaters on the site, or even issues with the electrical wiring. Your construction site needs to have safety precautions in place in case of a fire as well as a clear plan.

Always be prepared for anything and everything. We know you can’t prevent mother nature or an unwanted fire, but having plans in place and always paying attention to the weather will help protect your site from a greater disaster.If you are involved in a construction project and have questions surrounding Phoenix construction law and filing a claim for damaged property, our team of attorneys can help.