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Proposed AZ Law Prevents Bots from Purchasing Concert Tickets

In an effort to reduce concert ticket costs, Arizona lawmaker Senator John Kavanagh, has proposed a new law. This bill would would prevent computer bots from purchasing tickets off popular websites and reselling them for profit. A huge problem with these bots is that they generally buy large amounts of tickets at a time, so people have to pay much more than the concert tickets are actually worth.

John Kavanagh’s law is referred to as Senate Bill 1011 and it would make it illegal for bots to do illegal activities on a computer, like buy concert tickets with the intent to sell them and make a profit. Kavanagh felt like it was his duty to create this law after hearing musicians talk about how unfair the situation is for their fans. And there isn’t much that can be done until this law is passed.

And Kavanagh wanted to make it clear that he was not against computer bots in general, just ones used for criminal activity with the intent to hurt or make life more difficult for individuals.

In order to make sure that the new law only impacts harmful computer bots, the senator is meeting with with people from Google to make sure the bill’s language is accurate and will not effect “good” computer bots which are working to make the internet a more functional place.

However, even if the law does get passed, there will still be hurdles for concert-goers. Because it is only a state law, bots from other states will still be able to purchase the tickets and resell them. The bill would have to become federal law before this act could become completely illegal in the United States and actively prevented all over the country. Celebrities like Taylor Swift have already come up with other methods of reducing the number of times fans are being scammed by these bots. For example, people who visit Taylor Swift’s website multiple times will have the first opportunity to buy tickets.