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Preparing for OSHA Inspections

During any construction project, being prepared is always a good thing. From preparing for weather delays to preparing for contract disputes, construction projects will keep you on your toes. It is also a good idea to be prepared for your next OSHA inspection to avoid any additional hassles. 

Of course, if you do come across any issues during a construction project, always speak with a Phoenix construction lawyer right away for the advice and guidance you need. 

What are OSHA Inspections?

OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Association and they are responsible for conducting inspections from time to time to ensure that companies are complying with all safety regulations, especially at construction sites. 

These inspections can be unannounced, so it is crucial for all employees to properly follow OSHA standards at all times. 

State of Arizona 

Arizona has its own division called ADOSH. This organization has jurisdiction over the safety of companies in the state of Arizona. However, some states just fall under federal OSHA regulations. All in all, these safety regulations are mostly the same across the board. 

How Does OSHA Pick Which Company to Inspect?

Some inspections are purely random. Since OSHA can’t hit every single company out there, they have to pick and choose which companies to inspect.

They often look at any place that poses an immediate danger, or any place that recently experienced a death or serious injury in the workplace. OSHA is also responsible for following up on complaints that were filed over hazardous conditions and also follow-up with those who have failed inspections in the past. 

What Does OSHA Look For During Inspections?

During inspections, OSHA looks for anything that appears to be unsafe in the workplace. Such as inadequate machines and failed procedures. Companies should follow procedures that keep the safety of all employees in mind. If they fail to do so, it could cause a potential hazard. 

Steps to an OSHA Inspection

There are three parts to an OSHA inspection. 

  1. Opening Conference
  2. Walk-Around Inspection
  3. Closing Conference
  4. Opening Conference 

First, the inspector outlines the reasons for the inspection. At this time, they will also view any illness or injury logs. Keep in mind that an employee representative is allowed to be at the meeting.

During the conference, the inspector will let you know what you can expect such as having confidential conversations with employees about the safety of the workplace. 

Walk-Around Inspection

The walk around inspection is when the inspector tours the workplace taking notes and photos to look for any hazards that pose a dangerous threat. They will determine if the company complies with all state and federal protocols such as accurate recordkeeping and posting required signs, which inform all employees of their rights. 

Closing Conference

During the closing conference, the inspector will discuss their findings and advise you to correct any issues as soon as possible. At this time, the inspector will give you a deadline to fix issues and alert you of any fines related to violations.

What to Do After OSHA Inspections

Once the OSHA inspection is finished, you will receive a Citation and Notice of Assessment, which includes more information about your violations, fines, and what to do to correct the issues. 

The employer is responsible for notifying all employees of the violations for at least three working days. Once the violations are fixed by the deadline, an Employer Certification of Abatement form should be returned. 

If you are unable to fix any violations by the deadline, you have the right to request an extension. You also have the right to appeal any violations, but this must be done within 15 days. 

When you are prepared for anything that comes your way, especially OSHA inspections, your construction project will be much less stressful.