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Prehearing Disclosure Law Hits Arizona

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors‘ hearings are seeing a change in 2018 with a new law in the state. A disclosure statement with the required information is now required before each hearing, to help prevent a chaotic courtroom.

No More Mysteries

With the new law, it will no longer be a mystery about what evidence will be brought into the hearing. Parties that are apart of the hearing are now forced to disclose important information before the hearing, like what evidence will be presented and who will testify. The disclosure statement must include a list of all testifying witnesses including their contact information, a brief description of the matter and what is expected to be said during the testimony. A list of all of the exhibits that will be presented must also be included.

The Disclosure Statement and Possible Consequences

A failure to provide the disclosure statement will result in consequences. The disclosure statement must be served and filed no less than seven calendar days prior to the scheduled hearing. If the statement is not turned in on a timely matter or not at all, the judge could order to exclude some items from the hearing. Failure to provide the disclosure statement on time allows the judge to order not using evidence or witnesses during the hearing, omit a specific part of the hearing to not be recorded or could have the entire defense dismissed.

A More Organized Courtroom

The goal of the new law is to provide more efficient and effective hearings. The mission of the Arizona Registrar of Contractors is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public through a regulatory system designed to promote quality construction by Arizona contractors.