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New Paid Sick Leave Rules Take Effect This Summer

Under Arizona’s Proposition 206, passed by voters back in November, employers will be required to give employees up to 40 hours of paid sick leave starting July 1st.

Rules Under The New Sick Leave Law

Businesses and non-profit groups with one to 14 employees will be required to give their employees 24 hours of paid sick leave. Businesses and non-profit groups with 15 or more employees will be required to give their employees 40 hours of paid sick leave. The only exceptions to this new mandate are those who are employed by Arizona’s state government or the federal government, as well as sole proprietors.

Starting July 1st, Arizona workers will all have access to paid sick leave, whether they are employed part-time, temporarily or seasonally. Sick leave will be acquired from the date an employee is hired. Employees hired after July 1st may have to wait 90 days to use it. Employers who do not allow workers to exercise their rights could face fines of at least $150 per day.

The new law allows employees to use their paid sick leave for a variety of reasons including sickness, injury and any other problems that would require time off. Employers have little right to ask their workers why they’re taking time off. Employers now only have the right to ask for proof or documentation for their time off if their employee has been out for three straight days.

Companies will now be required to keep documentation of their employees’ acquired time off, as well as keeping their employees informed on the new law. Paychecks should show the amount of paid sick time used, as well as their remaining hours. The new policy should also be in writing for employees to see.

Although vacation time is not required under the law, it is suggested that companies that do offer vacation time should keep those hours separate from sick leave.

Photo courtesy of Startup Stock Photos by Pexels