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New Hot Car Bill in Effect in Arizona

Hundreds of new laws went into effect in Arizona. Of the hundreds of new laws, we’ve chosen the ones that may have an impact on your life and outlined them. One of these laws includes a Hot Car Bill.

New 2017 Arizona Laws

A law easing requirements for people to teach in Arizona went into effect to help the state’s teacher shortage.

Another law went into effect allowing kids to use sunscreen at school without a parent note or prescription.

Public Saftey
Police are now required to have a warrant to track a location on a cell phone.

Drivers won’t be allowed to have license plate covers anymore in hopes it will help witnesses and police identify suspect vehicles more easily.

local and state governments cannot make anyone selling property get a background check on a potential buyer.

Hot Car Bill
This new bill allows people to take action when they see a child or pet stuck in a hot car. Upon witnessing this, the person should call 9-1-1 and then check if the doors are locked. If they are, the person can legally smash a window or break in to get the child or pet out of the car. Once the person has rescued the child or pet from the car they must wait at the scene until first responders arrive. Most people don’t realize the dangers of leaving a child or pet in a vehicle. Whether it’s 100 degrees or 80 degrees, the temperatures inside a car can get to a life threatening temperature in just minutes.


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