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New Business School Starts Construction in Downtown Phoenix

The Thunderbird School of Global Management Graduate School’s new building at the ASU downtown campus will start construction in October. This project adds to the spike of construction projects in the downtown Phoenix area. 

 The Construction

ASU merged with the Thunderbird School of Global Management back in 2014 and is ready to start a new chapter with the transformation of a new building. With the expansion, the school continues with their global vision and the investment in the new building will bring additional programs to the school as well as offer enhanced resources for all students and faculty. A groundbreaking event for the start of construction is scheduled on October 7th. 

 The Building

The school announced the plan of the new building a few years ago, but construction is finally starting on the 5-story, high-tech building. It is estimated to cost $75 million and will offer students, visiting leaders and visiting government officials to be able to collaborate in real-time. Virtual reality suits and language immersion technologies are also expected to be part of the building. The building will have a capacity of 500 and plans to open in 2021, just in time for the 75th Anniversary of the Thunderbird School of Global Management. 

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