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How to Know When You Need a Hospitality Lawyer

You may have heard of a hospitality lawyer and might even think you have a good idea of what they do, but it is a good idea to expand your knowledge and learn even more about a hospitality lawyer when you need one. Legal representation from a Phoenix hospitality lawyer can be beneficial in many cases.

What is a hospitality lawyer?

First off, what is considered hospitality? Hospitality is the area of practice that relates to hotels, resorts, private clubs, restaurants and travel industry. A hospitality lawyer provides advice and legal representation in a wide range of areas to owners, operators, brands and developers in the hospitality industry on issues that could include the following:

–       Planning

–       Branding and licensing

–       Dispute resolution

–       Financing and operating

A hospitality lawyer helps address issues that could arise when professionals in the industry are faced with them. With the help of a law team that specializes in hospitality, you will get help succeeding during the times you need legal representation and advice.

The legal team at MC Law have experience offering legal counsel in the following areas:

–       Negotiate contracts

–       Claims of neglect on premise

–       Health and safety regulations

–       Financing

–       Litigation

–       Bankruptcy

–       Contracts and leases

–       Franchising

–       Investor relations

You might not even be aware that you need legal counsel, so always talk with a lawyer for advice. There are times when you might need direction from a knowledgeable and experienced hospitality lawyer.

MC Law

Arizona thrives on the hospitality business as it is one of the top vacation destinations around the world. The lucrative business in Arizona is home to a large number of developers, owners, operators, lenders and franchise owners that work with hotels, restaurants, resorts and new developments. MC Law assists clients in the growing hospitality industry. Well-versed with hospitality law, MC Law knows the importance of the industry and offers advice to a number of clients in the industry.