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Is Arizona An Employment At Will State?

At-will employment means that an employer can fire an employee for any reason without warning. In the state of Arizona, the majority of private-sector workers are employed at an at-will basis. Employees covered by a written contract or bargaining agreement are not at-will employees.

At-Will Employment VS Discrimination

When someone is employed without a written contract, their employer can let them go for any reason not prohibited by law without any cause. Although this is true, Arizona and federal laws also prohibit discrimination against an employee based on their race, color, religion, sex, age, disability or national origin. The specific laws about employee discrimination differ from city to city, so it’s always best to check with your local equal employment opportunity office to find out more information about discrimination laws in the city that your work in.

Steps To Take If You Feel You’ve Been Discriminated Against

Discrimination at work can be difficult to distinguish, but if you’re feeling weird in the workplace that should definitely be cause for concern. If you feel that you’ve been fired for a discriminatory reason, you may want to look into filing discriminatory charges.

Write Down What Happened

If you think you’ve been discriminated against, write down exactly what happened. Make sure to document the time, date and the things that were said. You should also write down the names of people who witnessed the discrimination if there were any witnesses. Make sure to also note how the act made you feel. If you do decide to file charges, these notes will be very helpful.

Do Research

Find out what the laws in your city define as discrimination in the workplace. Make sure you have a case before taking it any further.

Get Legal Advice

Deciphering the laws for yourself can be confusing. Speak to a lawyer who knows the laws well, and let them help you decide if you have a case.

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