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I Work in a Hostile Work Environment, Should I File a Claim?

Not all work environments are the same. There are many workplaces that are considered to be hostile. This can not only cause you to have a miserable time at your job, but it could also be unlawful.

What is a hostile work environment?

A hostile work environment is defined as a difficult or uncomfortable work environment that has been caused by someone’s behavior in the workplace, often due to a form of discrimination or sexual harassment.

When is a hostile work environment unlawful?

Even though a hostile work environment can cause stress and other issues, a less-than-pleasant work environment isn’t always illegal. There is usually a claim to be made if someone is creating a hostile, intimidating, or offensive work environment and is specifically targeting another person at work. When this happens, the employer could actually be held liable if they continue to let it happen because they are responsible for preventing these conditions from happening. Another example is when management acts in a hostile manner which makes an employee quit or retaliate. This could be based on many factors and scenarios. If your boss or manager conducts such actions, behaviors, or communicates in a way that makes it absolutely impossible to be productive, you might have a case on your hands.

Along the lines of dialogue-created hostile work environments, a manager can’t talk about an employee’s age, gender, or religion. These remarks could be considered as inciting a hostile environment and is against the law. These actions and remarks must take place over a significant amount of time to make it considered unlawful.

First, contact your human resource department. Your employer must take action to put a stop to the hostile work environment. If there is no change, then it is best to get legal advice and move forward with a claim.

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