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I am Renting a Home, What are My Landlord’s Rights?

We all dream of owning our own place, but sometimes renting is our only option. When you are renting, it is good to know the rights your landlord has and what to do if you ever need legal representation.

Landlord Entry

A landlord may own the place, but did you know that they are not allowed to just waltz in your place whenever they want? In fact, a landlord must provide their tenant with a notice before entering the home, no matter what. Usually, they must give at least 24 hours notice and they can only enter during normal business hours. Also, they do not have the right to enter the home without you being there unless given permission. All of these guidelines should be listed clearly in your lease.  You have the right to enjoy your home without worrying about someone coming in unannounced.

Selling Property

Sometimes your landlord decides to sell the property while you are still leasing from them. When this does happen, it is important to know your rights. First, you don’t have to move out right away! There are a few different options. You could have the chance to continue your lease with a new owner or at least stay in your place through the lease. It is important to know that you have the legal right to stay throughout your lease. If you happen to rent month to month, the landlord must give you 30 days to vacate. This is where legal representation may be needed if your landlord tries to not follow the laws.

During the time that your landlord is selling your place, they might be asking to enter your home more often than usual. Even though they do this, they still need to give you plenty of notice. They have the right to show the place as often as they would like, without abusing any power or harassing the tenant.


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