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How to Settle Real Estate Law Disputes

Disputes will happen, especially when dealing with real estate and construction projects. When these disputes do arise, you will want to work with a trusted Arizona real estate attorney to help resolve the issue.

Common Real Estate Disputes

When it comes to real estate law, there can be many issues and disputes that come up. Unfortunately, these legal conflicts usually take a long time to resolve. Often times court is involved and extra financial resources will be needed. However, a skilled attorney will be there on your side to solve these disputes as quickly as possible.

One of the most common disputes comes from breach of contract. This is when one of the parties involved tries to break a contract. Without legal ground, the other party has the right to sue.

Often times, there are undisclosed problems with a property. This is when problems that are present were never discussed during the buying process. If the information was not disclosed during closing or listed in the inspection report, there could be grounds for a dispute.  

Zoning issues are also a common dispute when it comes to real estate. If you are building on a property where there are zoning restrictions, this could cause issues, especially if what you are building conflicts with what is allowed. Always speak with an attorney to settle this dispute and get advice before even purchasing the property.

Resolving Disputes

The good news is, damages can be awarded without the need of going to court. For the right price, you could be able to avoid the long and costly process of court. This is where your attorney is going to play a large role. They understand real estate law and know how to negotiate effectively.

Another way to resolve a dispute is to simply cease additional construction efforts. As long as you know you won’t be losing too much money, this might be the best option.

To avoid court, you can also try mediation, if the other party agrees. This is when a neutral party steps in to settle. It is less expensive and much more efficient.

Of course, it all depends on the dispute. An experienced attorney will know the proper way to settle your dispute and help you during the process.

Working with Our Team

The team at Murphy Cordier PLC are experienced real estate attorneys who will work diligently and aggressively by your side. Serving the greater Phoenix area in Arizona, we specialize in real estate law, assisting you and providing you with legal guidance through all of the stages of a real estate transaction, including disputes.