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How OSHA’s Penalties Increased in 2021

Each year businesses must prepare for changes coming their way. One of the biggest changes in 2021 surrounds OSHA penalties. 

OSHA is responsible to ensure a workplace is safe, especially on construction sites. During inspections, OSHA will do an in-depth review to check for any workplace safety and health violations. Due to the increase in the cost of living, the cost of these maximum penalties has increased, effective January 15th. 

Annual Adjustment

Each year, inflation of penalties takes place to keep pace with the current cost of living, which tends to increase each year as well. The annual inflation of OSHA penalties began in 2016. Prior to that, the maximum penalty amount had not been raised since 1990. 

What to Expect

Of course, it is best to ALWAYS follow all OSHA rules and regulations to avoid penalties. However, if something does come up, especially out of the blue, it is best to know what to expect and be prepared, this includes the increase in penalty fines. 

For serious and other-than-serious violations, the maximum penalty increased from $13,494 to $13,653. Any repeated violations come with a maximum price tag of $136,523, up from $134,937. 

Luckily, there are many resources available through OSHA to help your business comply with all OSHA regulations as well as to help manage any payments to OSHA due to violations. 

We Can Help

At Murphy Cordier PLC, we understand that dealing with any issues regarding your construction project can be stressful, especially when dealing with OSHA violations. This is when you need a team like ours, who is knowledgeable in all areas of construction law including drafting contracts and handling any payment disputes. When you need a construction lawyer in Phoenix, we are here to provide you with the advice and legal representation you need.