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How to Handle Cyber Bullying in the Workplace

Cyber bullying is more common than ever with the rise in technology and social media. You might not think cyber bullying impacts adults, but the fact is that cyber bullying can happen to anyone at any age, especially in the workplace.

What is Cyber Bullying?

Cyber bullying is bullying in the form of intimidation, threats, humiliation, or harassment through technology such as a computer, cellphone, or other electronic device. This makes bullying much more common and can involve sending mean texts or emails, spreading rumors online, or posting embarrassing content. 

 Cyber bullying in the workplace can lead to depression, low self-esteem, health issues, poor work performance and more.

 What Can I Do If I Am Being Cyber Bullied at Work?

If you feel you are experiencing cyber bullying at work, there are a number of things you can do. It is important to first speak with the human resource department at your work. You will benefit greatly from speaking with a lawyer as well.

 Be sure to always print and save everything as evidence. This includes text messages, emails, or any posts on social media. On top of providing this evidence to the right person at work as well as your lawyer, supply this to your internet service provider and also report this activity to any social network sites.

 Seek an employment lawyer Phoenix or an attorney that specializes in bullying. They will evaluate the circumstances and give the best legal advice regarding your situation. Always provide proof and evidence to your lawyer and let them handle your case. With their knowledge and expertise, you will be able to fight for your rights and put a stop to cyber bullying at your workplace.

 If you are experiencing severe cases of cyber bullying such as physical violence, stalking, or death threats, always report immediately to law enforcement.

Tips to Dealing With Workplace Cyber Bullying

It is important to never react immediately to cyber bullying. Contact the right person at your work and your lawyer to ensure the next steps are taken properly, and try to remain as calm and as rational as possible.

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