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The attorneys at Murphy Cordier PLC understand the legal issues and business concerns unique to Arizona businesses, construction projects, and commercial and residential real estate.

Specialized Knowledge

The lawyers at MC Attorneys understand how construction projects often encounter problems that if not resolved quickly and efficiently can cause expensive litigation. They also understand how real estate or commercial disputes can impede the success of clients’ business ventures. The attorneys at Murphy Cordier PLC know how to avoid these problems, and, if they do occur, how to resolve them.

Unmatched Guidance

The firm’s Phoenix real estate transactions practice includes representation designed to address each client’s unique situation. The firm’s lawyers can evaluate every aspect of your real estate transaction and determine the best course of action. The firm’s lawyers can also provide effective and winning representation for their clients who end up in litigation.

Experience You Can Trust

Extensive Experience

The firm’s construction law attorneys have extensive experience dealing with all manner of issues that arise during construction projects, including payment and performance concerns, mechanic’s liens, bonding, collection matters, licensing, permitting, code compliance, litigation, and other matters unique to the construction process.

Prepared for Any Case

The firm also frequently defends its clients in large scale, multiparty construction defect litigation matters, so they are experienced and prepared for any case–large or small.

Reputable, Experienced Advocates

The firm represents a wide variety of clients. In addition to its busy construction and real estate practices, the firm handles business transactions; intellectual property law, including copyright, trademark, and the licensing and protection of intellectual property and trade secrets; and the representation of employers in employment and civil rights matters, including representation in state, federal and administrative proceedings.

The business lawyers at the firm assist clients with creating and maintaining business entities and helping them through transitions such as taking on new partners, owners or members; buying or selling businesses, and making sure that they comply with local, state or federal regulations in all litigation.

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