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Examples of Hospitality Law Disputes

The hospitality business is constantly growing, especially in the state of Arizona. Unfortunately, there are common disputes that can pop up in the hospitality industry. This is when you want to work with an attorney to help you through these disputes.

What is Hospitality Law?

The hospitality industry consists of hotels, resorts, private clubs, restaurants, and other travel amenities. Hospitality law covers all of these industries. Owners, operators, and developers in the hospitality industry use hospitality lawyers from time to time to discuss things such as licensing, branding, resolving disputes, financing, operating and planning.

Common Hospitality Law Disputes

There are many common issues and disputes that can arise in the hospitality industry where you may need a skilled hospitality law lawyer.


Contracts are very important in the hospitality industry. Negations are always going to try to be made in addition to disputes over contracts. Issues will also occur when one party neglects to follow any part of the contract. Parts of the contract that can be neglected and cause issues include the timeline, issues with money or payment, and any issues with the materials.

ROC Disputes

Common ROC disputes include finished projects not being up to standards, work that was incomplete, violation of building codes, and lack of safety laws.

Labor Disputes

The hospitality industry is big, so hotels and restaurants employ many people. With so many employees, labor disputes are bound to happen. These issues can include a wide range of employment issues such as wage disputes, sexual harassment cases, and any employment discrimination issues.

Accidents on the Premise

Accidents can happen at hotels and restaurants. Legal issues are going to come up when someone gets injured on the property of one of these. With the hospitality industry being so big, there is more room for accidents and injuries to occur. If something does happen on your property, a hospitality lawyer will assist you during the legal claim to prevent the issue from escalating.

Work with an Attorney

When involved in a hospitality dispute, you want to work with a hospitality lawyer phoenix, one that is familiar with the industry to know how to deal with these issues when they arise. Since Arizona relies heavily on the hospitality and tourism industry, the attorneys at Murphy Cordier PLC are highly skilled and educated when it comes to hospitality law. The state is popular for developers, owners, operators, lenders and franchise owners that work with hotels, restaurants, resorts and new developments to the area. The legal team will offer the advice you need along with aggressive legal representation and will continuously and tirelessly represent all of their clients from the beginning to the very end.