The workplace is fraught with potential legal claims, numerous reporting requirements and many regulations to follow.  Do you know what is required of you as an Arizona employer?

  • Does your business have an Employee Manual or Handbook clearly identifying your Company’s policies?
  • Do key personnel have employment agreements?
  • Are you compliant with the myriad of labor laws that regulate your business and the staff you employ?

Employment law concerns can be found in a wide range of situations. Benefits, wages, overtime, and workplace behavior are just a few areas regulated by state and federal law.  Employee hiring and termination are frequently litigated by employees who claim discriminatory treatment. And, based on the number employees working at your business, the Affordable Care Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, FMLA, and numerous other laws may also apply. Business owners must be educated and prepared.

Employment Statutes and Regulations

The employment law attorneys at MC Attorneys understand the regulations relating to your business and will counsel you on hiring practices, management, employee termination, and other employment-related matters.

Your business must stay up-to-date on these complex and evolving federal and state laws—as well as municipal and county ordinances—that impact nearly all of Arizona companies. Our attorneys are experienced in not only Arizona and federal employment law; they understand how employment issues intersect with many other types of business litigation, including business contract disputes, trade secret protection and non-compete obligations.  Let our attorneys take this responsibility off your plate so that you can do what you do best: successfully run your operation.

Making Arizona a Warmer Environment.

The skilled attorneys at MC Attorneys have the experience and resources to successfully resolve your employment law matter. Call us today at 602-274-9000 to discuss the details of your situation.