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Construction Jobs Soaring Across the State

Arizona is typically known for having a strong construction industry. The state has plenty of space for new projects. Plus, the weather is ideal year-round, making for perfect building conditions pretty much all the time.

In addition, many people are flocking to Arizona and calling it home, increasing the housing sector in the area. With all of these construction projects in the works, it means there is a high demand for construction jobs. Even during this unknown and crazy year, Arizona is home to a booming construction industry.

Construction Projects

On top of a slew of residential construction projects currently in the works, the commercial construction industry is also strong across the state of Arizona.

In downtown Phoenix, they have been experiencing their largest construction boom in the area in over 10 years. Even the pandemic couldn’t slow down the large projects going up around downtown. From large commercial buildings housing new businesses and offices, to large apartment buildings and condominiums, downtown Phoenix continues to be a hotspot for new construction projects.

New Upcoming Projects

One of the largest construction projects that have recently been approved is a $115 million arena by Arizona State University.

The multipurpose arena will host the college’s hockey, wrestling, and gymnastic teams. Construction is expected to break ground at the beginning of the new year and should be completed by the end of 2022.

Located on the northeast side of the Tempe campus, the new stadium will hold 5,000 seats, including a 942 student seat section. The stadium will also be home to state of the art locker rooms, a lounge, coaches offices, and a weight room. In addition to the stadium being used for hockey games and wrestling meets, it will also be available for small concerts and other events.

Working on a Construction Project

Whenever you are involved in a construction project, you need to make sure you have all of your bases covered with the help of an Arizona construction lawyer

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