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Construction: Dealing with the Aftermath of the Pandemic

The recent pandemic has impacted many industries across the country, including the construction industry. Luckily, most states, like Arizona, deemed construction essential so they didn’t haven’t to put any construction projects on hold. 

Especially in a place like Arizona, disrupting current construction projects and putting a hold on new projects could be devastating to the economy. The construction industry had one of its biggest years in Arizona since 2007. The state can’t afford to just stop these projects and expect the economy to survive. Plus, stopping and starting construction projects ends up being costly and time-consuming. 

We have been very fortunate in Arizona that our construction projects have not slowed down. But some noteworthy changes have been paid to ensure the safety of everyone involved in these projects. 

New Trends to Be Aware of

With construction projects busy in Arizona, changes needed to be made to consider the health and safety of all involved. 

These changes include smaller work crews. Construction is fully operational but needs to be done safely. 

The use of technology has been more useful during this pandemic. From working remotely (for those who work in the office and have the ability to do so) to using drones. Drones are beneficial for project supervision and site surveys. Visiting these sites virtually minimizes personal interaction, making it safer and is actually more efficient. 

Indoor air quality is also a higher priority these days. In the past, construction sites have been more focused on energy efficiency. But the latest focus is a healthy work environment for cleaner and safer job sites.  

Things to Keep in Mind

During this transition, things are likely to slow down. 

The high demand for existing and new construction projects will continue. You may have already seen that some of these projects are taking longer to finish. 

Things are a bit slower because of the demand and will be even slower due to smaller work crews and limited time on job sites to keep everyone safe. Let’s hope this will only be a slower process for a while. 

Working with MC Attorneys

Our skilled team at Murphy Cordier PLC is familiar with all things construction law. If you are in need of a Phoenix construction lawyer to assist you in a construction project, we are there for you.  

We have experience handling a number of different construction issues, including disputes, and can also guide you through the pandemic.