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Consequences of Getting Caught Without a Building Permit

Are you thinking of starting a construction project? Don’t forget to obtain your building permit! Before starting any construction permit, you must always obtain a building permit. If you fail to obtain one, or fail to follow all building codes and regulations, you could face fines and other consequences.

Even if you are a homeowner thinking of doing a little remodeling yourself, you need to get a permit! With so many do-it-yourself guides out there, many homebuilders decide to take on these tasks themselves, but sometimes forget that they still need a permit to do so.

When do I need a permit?

Since zoning issues could arise and you need to be held accountable for following all city codes, you will need to obtain a building permit if you plan on:

–       Remodeling your home

–       Adding on to your home

–       Starting any plumbing and electrical projects, and you will also need to list a professional plumber or electrician on the permit

Why obtain a permit?

If you fail to obtain a building permit, there is a high probability that you will get caught. For example, an inspector could be in your neighborhood and notice your construction, and discover you don’t have a permit. Your neighbors could also call and complain. When you are caught without a building permit, you could face fines and a delay in project. If you fail to pay your fines on time, you could face additional charges.

Reasons to hire a contractor

When you do decide to work with a contractor, they will be the ones responsible to obtain the building permit. State regulations always need to be followed and inspections need to take place. Your contractor will be responsible for dealing with all of this, so you don’t have to. Also, if you decide to take on construction projects yourself, faulty work can happen. In the end, it might even cost you more money and time to repair these issues. This is where insurance fines can pop up and where it might become an issue when selling your home.

Photo by Pexels