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New Affordable Homes Being Built in Tempe

Construction is not slowing down in Arizona as the state continues to be at the top in the country with new projects underway. Downtown Phoenix has been seeing most of the construction projects, but surrounding cities like Tempe are as well. The college town, which is home to Arizona State University, might not be the… Read more


A Quick Guide To Construction Defect Claims

Every construction project needs a contract. This is to protect all parties involved, especially the contractor. The contract should be detailed, outlining all expectations. But when expectations aren’t met or there ends up being something wrong with the finished project, a construction defect claim is usually filed. What is a Construction Defect Claim? A construction… Read more


Become a Licensed Contractor in Arizona

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors (“AZ ROC”) now boasts on its website the ability for an applicant to get “licensed in a day.” This new page says if an application is submitted properly without any faults, it is “possible” for the application to be approved within one business day. While it boldly claims the process… Read more


Supply Shortages are Hitting the Construction Industry Hard

Construction is still booming across the state, but the industry has hit a roadblock with supply shortages, as well as labor shortages. This is slowing down construction projects significantly. Unfortunately, the state of Arizona is being hit hard with the shortages, mainly due to the success of the construction industry in the area.  Supply Shortage… Read more


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