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Business Litigation: Should You Go All the Way?

Settle or go to trial? This is often one of the most important decisions in any business lawsuit. To further complicate the issue, there are generally advantages and disadvantages to both options. Even in the best of circumstances, all litigation involves a certain amount of risk and uncertainty. To make sure everyone understands what is… Read more

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Changing a Contract May Not Be as Easy as You Think

Businesses often must alter an existing agreement after it has been signed. For example, the parties may have agreed to a new performance date or an alternative payment schedule. Or maybe you simply must make an addition, correction, or deletion to the contract or other details. Many businesses make the mistake of failing to ensure… Read more

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Makeup or Breakup? Tackling Business Disputes Among Partners

Business relationships are like a marriage. They are great when they work, but messy if things don’t go well. This is often because the parties have invested a great deal in the relationship and there are generally significant assets involved. While resolving business disputes is rarely easy, there are steps you can take to make… Read more

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Can’t We All Get Along? The Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Businesses are increasingly turning to alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, to settle conflicts with vendors, clients, employees, and even business partners. The upside of ADR is that it avoids the time and expense of litigation; in addition, it often allows the two sides to work together to craft a workable solution. Because many contracts now… Read more

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