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What You Need to Know About Paternity Leave

Many companies offer maternity leave, but what about paternity leave? It is actually becoming more popular for companies to offer time off for new dads, but not all states are required to offer paid paternity leave. What Exactly is Paternity Leave? Paternity leave is the time the father takes off of work after the birth… Read more

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Establish a Policy to Protect Your Employees from Sexual Harassment

If you are an owner of a business, it is important to establish a policy to protect your employees from sexual harassment. This will lower turnover rates, protect your business from lawsuits, and give your employees a safe, comfortable place to work in. Keep reading to learn more about sexual harassment so you can be… Read more

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Prehearing Disclosure Law Hits Arizona

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors’ hearings are seeing a change in 2018 with a new law in the state. A disclosure statement with the required information is now required before each hearing, to help prevent a chaotic courtroom. No More Mysteries With the new law, it will no longer be a mystery about what evidence… Read more

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Proposed AZ Law Prevents Bots from Purchasing Concert Tickets

In an effort to reduce concert ticket costs, Arizona lawmaker Senator John Kavanagh, has proposed a new law. This bill would would prevent computer bots from purchasing tickets off popular websites and reselling them for profit. A huge problem with these bots is that they generally buy large amounts of tickets at a time, so… Read more

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