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Can My Political Views Be Ground for Firing?

It seems like everyone is sharing their political opinion online, thanks to the popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, did you know that expressing your political views for all to see can hurt your career and potentially get you fired?

Rise of Social Media

With so much technology available at your fingertips, there are multiple platforms to express your opinions and there happens to be a lot of tension and division regarding politics, so it can be easy to get wrapped up in everything. Just be careful because your opinions and political views could hurt not only your personal relationships, but affect your professional life as well. It actually isn’t illegal for a boss to terminate an employee based on their views. The Bill of Rights does not protect workers in a private sector, it only prevents the government from infringing on individual rights.

Know Your Employer’s Rules

It is actually reported by Workplace Fairness that “political activity retaliation is covered by federal laws”.  However, usually your boss can still share their political views and not end up losing their job.  Employers can try to influence your vote, but they cannot force you to vote in their favor. Also, keep in mind that voting is private, so you do not have to disclose who you voted for. It really just comes down to your employer. There have been many cases where employees have been fired due to their views, but usually employers will only fire you if your views and expressing them interferes with your work.

Better Safe Than Sorry

If you’re not sure how your employer will react to your political views and opinions, it is in your best interest to not rock the boat or take any chances. Try to always leave politics out of the workplace and avoid posting any controversial posts, especially if your social media pages are not private.

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