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Can I Get Fired for My Social Media Posts?

We have all been there, posting a rant or political post on social media and then immediately deleting it in fear of your employer seeing it. So, can you get fired for what you post? The short answer is yes, but there are many factors that play a role and it all ends up depending on the situation.

Always Be Mindful of What You are Posting on Social Media

Social media is often used as a place for people to express their thoughts and even vent, but this can come with consequences. Certain social media conduct can get you in hot water with your employer. Especially photos that are inappropriate and could poorly represent the business you work for. You never want to risk the business brand by posting any trade secrets or information that could violate any confidentially agreements like customer lists. Some employers even have policies that ban the use of social media while working, so you could be terminated if found violating that policy by posting during work hours.

Most States Offer At-Will Employment

At-will employment means the employer and employee maintain a working relationship at their own will, which means an employee can quite at any time or could also be terminated at any time, as long as the reason is legal. This is the case is most states, which is why social media posts could get you fired. Of course, if you are in a contract, make sure to review and see if they include anything about their stance on social media posts.

Keep in mind that there are some states that do prohibit termination over certain social media posts. But on the other hand, there are some states that say you are allowed to discipline your employer for even political posts. If you are worried that what you are posting could get you fired, check the laws in your state and your employer’s stance on the issue.