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Arizona Supreme Court Tackles “Equitable Subrogation”

Posted September 7, 2014 MC Attorneys

What is equitable subrogation, you ask?  Something that lenders fret about, and contractors have to deal with sometimes when they don’t get paid.  It’s nerdy lawyer stuff, really.  And the Arizona Supreme Court issued an opinion that really didn’t make it any easier to understand.  The case was brought by Weitz Company against the unit… Read more


Arizona Registrar Cracks Down on Contractors

Posted August 26, 2014 MC Attorneys

I just returned from an Arizona Builders Alliance Legal Council Meeting.  Several lawyers discussed the Registrar’s war on contractors for minor infractions, including those that overlook a lapsed license bond and those that don’t have their license numbers displayed on every email and each page of their websites. All Arizona contractors should always make sure… Read more