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Can The Government Take My Property?

Posted March 17, 2017 MC Attorneys

It’s a rare occurrence, but occasionally the government can come in and take your property from you. This action is called Eminent Domain, and it’s the power of the government to take private property for public use. State laws regulate how and when the government takes private property, and the government usually has to negotiate with… Read more

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What Qualifies As Intellectual Property?

Posted March 10, 2017 MC Attorneys

Intellectual Property, or IP, refers to creations of the mind such as inventions, designs, writing, names symbols and images. IP is protected by the law in many forms in order to allow people to earn credit, recognition or financial benefits from what they create. Types of Intellectual Property Trademark Registered trademarks are used to protect… Read more

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Is Arizona An Employment At Will State?

Posted February 27, 2017 MC Attorneys

At-will employment means that an employer can fire an employee for any reason without warning. In the state of Arizona, the majority of private-sector workers are employed at an at-will basis. Employees covered by a written contract or bargaining agreement are not at-will employees. At-Will Employment VS Discrimination When someone is employed without a written contract, their employer… Read more

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AZ Legislature Seeks To Change Pool Contractor Law

Posted February 22, 2017 MC Attorneys

The Arizona Senate has unanimously passed Senate Bill 1116, which seeks to remove a law enacted in 2002 to help ensure that consumers could not be ripped off by their pool contractor. Many pool builders oppose the change in the law while the government would prefer to remove it. The law passed in 2002 was in… Read more

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