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AZ Senator Looking to Fine Those with Fake Service Animals

It seems like you can’t go anywhere in Arizona these days without running into a service animal. But did you know that many people try to pass their animal as a service animal when they really aren’t needed or qualified?

Fake Service Animal Sightings in Arizona are Becoming More Common

Public places in Arizona have seen their fair share of fake service animals. Which is why a Valley lawmaker wants people to pay a fine when caught with a fake service animal in public. The proposed fee could be up to $250 dollars.

Service Animals Can Be Asked to Leave the Property

Even though there are restrictions on business owners, a service animal can be asked to leave the property for certain reasons. Under the current federal law, business owners are only allowed to ask two questions to those who bring service animals into their establishment. First, they can ask if the service animal is required for their disability. Secondly, they can ask what type of tasks or work the service animal has been trained to do. But a business owner can NEVER ask for proof of a service animal or force the pet to do any of their tricks. However, a business owner has the right to ask people to leave if their service animal is behaving in a threatening way, going to the bathroom in the establishment or causing any unnecessary disruption.

The Law Hopes to Help People Take Service Animals More Seriously

The lawmaker proposing the law is hoping it will cause more of the state to take service animals seriously. There is currently no violation for those who have a fake service animal. So, there isn’t much you can do to prevent fake service animals. But on the other side of things, some feel it could cause more of a misunderstanding, leading to unwanted interrogations and police involvement. Plus, it can add extra stress to the pet and person who really does need the service animal.

Photo courtesy of Tookapic by Pexels.