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Arizona Registrar of Contractors Sees Big Changes in January

The new year is bringing some new changes to Arizona thanks to the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. After revising and updating their new license applications on December 21st, big barriers that aren’t required by a statute were successfully removed.

Certain Requirements Were Removed

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors found that the submission of projects was actually an additional burden to the new license application process and was unnecessary and not required by statute. The requirement happened to be the single largest deficiency in the application, mainly due to it being a confusing part of the application that was rarely completed. Removing the need to submit projects as part of the experience portion will hopefully lead to a less stressful application process.


The experience and project portions of the application can be a daunting task to complete. This part of the application requires you to provide at least four years of work history or training along with ten projects that require verification from home owners, coworkers, parents or anyone that can state your involvement in the project. This can be a hassle as the people verifying the project need to find a notary to complete the process.

Changes to Improve the Process

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors also made other changes to improve the process. Back in November, they decided to split 28 classifications of license back to residential only and commercial only forms. Previously, some were forced to have to file dual classification leading to increased cost of doing business. Dual classification really had an impact on business owners as it caused them to pay more in fees and having to meet more requirements. This change will lead to some owners saving between $350 to $450 each year.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay by Pexels.