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Arizona Registrar Cracks Down on Contractors

I just returned from an Arizona Builders Alliance Legal Council Meeting.  Several lawyers discussed the Registrar’s war on contractors for minor infractions, including those that overlook a lapsed license bond and those that don’t have their license numbers displayed on every email and each page of their websites.

All Arizona contractors should always make sure that they timely renew their license bonds.  Do not let it lapse, as you might get a subpoena from the Registrar looking for records to show you were contracting during the period the bond was lapsed.

Also, have all email signatures include all license numbers.  And update your websites with the license numbers on each page.  Do it today.

If you are served with a subpoena from the Registrar, contact us before you respond to it.  The Registrar is not a contractor’s friend.  Do not think that they will treat you fairly.  We can look our for your business and work to avoid a license suspension or revocation for these minor infractions — which is the Registrar’s goal in these ill-advised uses of the Registrar’s enforcment powers.