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What you Should Know About Pay Equity Laws

Closing the gender pay gap has become more of a focus over recent years. Yet, some still feel that stronger laws need to be put in place, especially at the local level. What exactly are the federal and state laws concerning equal pay? What areas need to be reviewed and improved on? As an employer,… Read more

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The Importance of Understanding Construction Contracts

Construction contracts can be confusing, especially if they are not drafted correctly. All contracts must be thoroughly reviewed before signing them. Never wait to read the fine details after signing or only once an issue pops up. To create a draft or review a construction contract, meet with an experienced construction law attorney. What is… Read more

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When Do I Need a Construction Attorney?

Contract disputes can happen at any time, especially during the construction process. With most contracts, construction contract terms can bring up disagreements and lead to many issues, like a delay in the project. When this happens, it is best to contact a construction attorney to help. What is a construction attorney? A construction attorney is… Read more

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Medical Marijuana Within the Workplace in Arizona

Medical marijuana is now legal in Arizona under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. However, it is important to understand the restrictions when it comes to medical marijuana along with the rights employers have under the new act. Medical Marijuana Medical marijuana is defined as cannabis prescribed by doctors to patients. The use of prescribed cannabis… Read more

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