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I Work in a Hostile Work Environment, Should I File a Claim?

Not all work environments are the same. There are many workplaces that are considered to be hostile. This can not only cause you to have a miserable time at your job, but it could also be unlawful. What is a hostile work environment? A hostile work environment is defined as a difficult or uncomfortable work… Read more

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Religious Discrimination Vs. Political Discrimination in the Workplace

In the workplace, it is against the law to be faced with any religious discrimination, but what about political discrimination? Especially recently, with all of the political division in the country, what happens when political discrimination takes place at work? Furthermore, what should you do if you end up facing religious discrimination in the workplace?… Read more

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Dealing with End of Life Decisions During Estate Planning

It is important to make your last wishes known before it is too late. This includes wishes for what happens to you if you are unable to decide or what you wish to happen with you and your items such as property and money once you are gone. Estate planning is crucial and it usually… Read more

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I am Renting a Home, What are My Landlord’s Rights?

We all dream of owning our own place, but sometimes renting is our only option. When you are renting, it is good to know the rights your landlord has and what to do if you ever need legal representation. Landlord Entry A landlord may own the place, but did you know that they are not… Read more

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