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Should I Apply for a Patent?

Often times, the patent process and laws surrounding patents can be confusing. You have to know exactly what a patent is, if you should apply for one and what the benefits are of having a patent. A patent attorney can help you with the more in-depth process, but here are some basics you should know…. Read more

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Arizona Ranks 5th as Best State for Renters Rights

Renting an apartment or a home in Arizona? Luckily, most renter laws in the state favor tenants over landlords. In fact, Arizona is ranked 5th as the best state for renters rights. Ranking RENTCafé recently released a list of the states with the best renters rights for tenants. Out of 100 possible points, Arizona scored… Read more

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Is Arizona a Right to Work State?

Each state happens to have their own employment laws, including laws regarding unions and organized labor. However, many people do not fully understand these laws, especially in the state of Arizona. So, is Arizona a right to work state and what does that mean? Also, what are the other employment laws in the state of… Read more

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Steps to Report Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can happen anywhere and at anytime, including in the workplace. If you feel like you have been a victim of sexual harassment, follow these steps on how to report it. Also, remember to always speak with an attorney. What is the definition of sexual harassment? Sexual harassment is defined as harassment in a… Read more

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