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Proposed AZ Law Prevents Bots from Purchasing Concert Tickets

In an effort to reduce concert ticket costs, Arizona lawmaker Senator John Kavanagh, has proposed a new law. This bill would would prevent computer bots from purchasing tickets off popular websites and reselling them for profit. A huge problem with these bots is that they generally buy large amounts of tickets at a time, so… Read more

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Can I Get Fired for My Social Media Posts?

We have all been there, posting a rant or political post on social media and then immediately deleting it in fear of your employer seeing it. So, can you get fired for what you post? The short answer is yes, but there are many factors that play a role and it all ends up depending… Read more

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When Unequal Pay is Not a Violation

Equal pay has been in the news quite a bit lately, but there are some cases where unequal pay is actually fair. More Companies are Jumping on the Performance-Based Pay Bandwagon In just the last few years, companies choosing performance-based pay has increased by over six percent. Employers are offering bonus pay to those with… Read more

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AZ Senator Looking to Fine Those with Fake Service Animals

It seems like you can’t go anywhere in Arizona these days without running into a service animal. But did you know that many people try to pass their animal as a service animal when they really aren’t needed or qualified? Fake Service Animal Sightings in Arizona are Becoming More Common Public places in Arizona have… Read more

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