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When is Probate Required in Arizona?

There is a list of things that need to be done after a loved one has passed away. But a probate is not always required in the state of Arizona. Before stressing out about it, educate yourself on everything you need to know about probates in Arizona. What Exactly is a Probate? Let’s start with… Read more

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Arizona Registrar of Contractors Sees Big Changes in January

The new year is bringing some new changes to Arizona thanks to the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. After revising and updating their new license applications on December 21st, big barriers that aren’t required by a statute were successfully removed. Certain Requirements Were Removed The Arizona Registrar of Contractors found that the submission of projects was… Read more

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Everything Small Business Owners Should Know In 2018

Last year brought about many changes, some big and some small. As we get into the new year, being aware of what these changes mean for your small business is essential. Brush up on everything your small business should know going into the new year. Minimum Wage Increase On January 1st, 18 states had minimum… Read more

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Arizona’s Minimum Wage Rises In 2018

Americans in 18 states, including Arizona, started the new year off with a raise. Minimum wage in Arizona went up to $10.50 per hour from a flat $10.00. The state is on track to raise the minimum wage to $12.00 an hour by 2020. Arizona’s Minimum Wage Arizona’s minimum wage was previously only $8.05 an hour before residents voted… Read more

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