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Overcome Procrastination and Make Your Estate Plan

As humans, there are certain things we try to avoid. We push back things that are unpleasant or unhappy and then end up unprepared or having to rush at the last minute. This is especially true when it comes to planning and making an estate plan. Although it’s unpleasant, an estate plan is really important… Read more

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What Are My Rights as a Creditor in Bankruptcy

Most of the time when creditors receive a bankruptcy notice, they write off the debt and move on to their paying clients. They don’t realize that they have rights when it comes to their debtor’s bankruptcy claim. In many cases, creditors are entitled to certain aspects of their debtor’s bankruptcy. This article will explain what creditors rights… Read more

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Patents Versus Trade Secrets

While some inventions have the option to be protected by either patents or trade secrets, in some cases trade secrets are the only viable option. This is because there is certain criteria that must be met to obtain a patent and they can be more challenging to acquire. However, if your invention has the ability… Read more

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Planning You Business Succession

The process of transferring your business to another person takes a lot of preparation. For some people,  the transition is the most difficult management process you go through in the life of your business. Unless you co-own the business with someone else, you will have to groom another person to take over your business for you. Even… Read more

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