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Issues That Should Be Covered In Every Construction Contract

When negotiating a construction contract, whether you’re a contractor, developer or owner, there are a few issues that you should always discuss in order to avoid problems. Covering these common construction issues in the contract will better protect everyone at stake and help mitigate any problems that may occur during a construction project. Below are the… Read more

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Real Estate Crowdfunding Grows in the Market

Crowdfunding is a concept that has been growing over the past few years, allowing individuals and businesses to raise money quickly. For those who don’t know, crowdfunding is exactly what it sounds like: raising funds through crowd donation. It enables many people to invest a small amount and in turn, allows individuals and businesses to… Read more

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New Hot Car Bill in Effect in Arizona

Hundreds of new laws went into effect in Arizona. Of the hundreds of new laws, we’ve chosen the ones that may have an impact on your life and outlined them. One of these laws includes a Hot Car Bill. New 2017 Arizona Laws School A law easing requirements for people to teach in Arizona went into… Read more

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How To Overcome Challenges in Family Businesses

Running family businesses can be a lot of fun, but it also comes along with its challenges. There are several things you can do to prevent these challenges from coming up often in a family run business. Many people say personal and business life doesn’t mix, but by considering these tips you can mix both… Read more

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